Last month we announced the launch of the o2h human health EIS knowledge intensive fund, the first knowledge intensive fund approved by HMRC.

At o2h ventures we invest into biotech therapeutics and are in an exciting position to meet the criteria for knowledge intensive investing.  We seek to nurture seed stage companies through their lifecycle working alongside the portfolio with a view to generate returns (financial, social and ethical) for investors.  

Within the ‘biotech therapeutic’ space the areas that the fund invests into are: traditional therapeutic drug opportunities; technologies that enable drug discovery with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and companies that support biotechs by providing services that enable therapeutics. 

Knowledge intensive investing offers investors an opportunity to take advantage of the predictability of the tax year, from which they are able to claim relief.  To date, investors in EIS funds claim relief when the funds are deployed into a business.  However, in the new HMRC approved knowledge intensive funds, relief is dated when the investment into the fund is made (with carry back options depending on individual circumstances).

o2hventurs_SEIS Fund_Launch_LI_v2

Biotechnology and Healthcare are proving to be amongst the top performing investment sectors over the last decade, particularly in a time when their importance has never been more clear. 

To strengthen our continued support to biotech therapeutics & AI and to give our investors the best access to the vast deal flow we have access to across a number of cultivated channels we are also launching the o2h human health SEIS fund.  

Giving investors access to generous tax reliefs whilst funding early stage therapeutics and supporting them through their growth, the fund compliments the business model identified by o2h ventures in terms of access to opportunities as well as an understanding of the support they require post-investment through to a possible exit and beyond.

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