We are delighted to announce that the o2h human health S/EIS fund is now fully deployed with diversification into 18 companies.

The mixed S/EIS fund has given investors access to some really exciting investment opportunities across biotech, therapeutics and AI.  As the UK biotech and life sciences industry is showcasing the best of UK innovation, at o2h we are privileged to be at the forefront of these investments.

For full details of the portfolio please see our website https://o2hventures.com/portfolio

At o2h we are continuing to support the industry with the launch of the first HMRC approved knowledge intensive fund which will continue to invest in and nurture emerging life science and biotech companies, widening both the community of investors and expanding early stage research in the UK.

For this year with the carryback option to the 2019/2020 the human health knowledge intensive EIS fund is still open as we have received confirmation from HMRC that we can accept applications for investment with cleared funds right up to 5th April. 

*capital at risk

About o2h Ventures:

The o2h human health Fund is the first S/EIS fund in the UK solely focused on investing in EIS fund and/or SEIS fund seed stage companies covering novel drug discovery & AI, digital therapeutics and enabling services.

The o2h team are leaders in the biotech community and have been actively involved as investors, holding various board/industry positions as well as being engaged in grassroots scientific activity for over 20 years. o2h Ventures operates from their proprietary 2.7 acre Mill SciTech Park where they are developing a unique model for incubating small life science companies.

For more information about o2h Ventures Funds, please visit www.o2hventures.com 

Media Contact:

Ajit Singh, 

Marketing Manager,