• Invest in the HMRC approved Knowledge Intensive EIS fund which allows you to carry back EIS tax relief to 2021/22, or the benefit of investing in this current year, deadline October 31st (capital at risk, depending on individual circumstances )
  • Two part investment focus of Access & Incubation, providing unique opportunities and reducing investment risk by being deeply involved.
  • Aiming to build a diverse portfolio for investors with an initial Portfolio of 5-10 unquoted and/or AIM-listed companies.
Sunil Shah, CEO - o2h Ventures
fund overview
HRMC Approved Yes
Fund Size Target £10m
Current AUM £3.2m
Total Manager's AUM £7.5m
Expected Exit 3-7 years
Founder's Investment Minimum 10% of every investment
Fund Status Open, Next Closing: 31st October 2022
Benefits Income, inheritance, capital gains tax and other benefits

EIS tax relief is very attractive for UK tax payers

You invest £50k

EIS gives you £15k tax relief from HMRC

EIS gives you £25k tax relief from HMRC


Investment now worth £100k

£50k profit

+ £15k income tax relief

- £10k performance incentive

= £55k net profit


Investment still worth £50k

£0 profit

+ £15k income tax relief

- £0 performance incentive

= £15k net profit


Investment now worth £0

£50k loss

+ £15k income tax relief

+ £15,750 loss relief *

- £0 performance incentive

= £19,250 capital loss

* Loss relief calculated on higher rate tax bracket Worked example is net of any fund fees

independent reviews
why o2h ventures?
+History in grassroots science

We have a track record of nurturing and investing in emerging life science and tech companies – the o2h ventures team are leaders in the biotech community and have been involved as investors, holding various board/industry positions awe well as being engaged in grassroot scientific activity for over 20 years.


Since its inception, the o2h group has developed a rigorous process to evaluate its deal flow, particularly regards seed investments. Opportunities come from a wide range of sources, as a result of the o2h group’s extensive network of contacts.

+Access to scientific talents

The team have developed access to some of the most interesting scientific ideas and talent in the UK, achieving a clearly differentiated position through its live working relationships, fostered over many years, working as a discovery services company. This potentially fives o2h ventures earlier access than competitor to some of the most promising companies.

+Business model

The business model identified by o2h ventures gives it an edge both in terms of access to opportunities as well as an understanding of the support they require post investment in terms of incubation. By combining access and incubation we are providing a unique opportunity, reducing investment risk by being deeply involved and the team believe that this will increase Fund’s prospects of making successful exits.