CardiaTec, a Cambridge University spinout is applying artificial intelligence on large-scale multiomic data to develop the next generation of cardiovascular disease drug targets.  The company is specialized in cardiovascular disease (CVD), first focusing on coronary artery disease (CAD).


CardiaTec is developing a target discovery platform leveraging AI to make sense of large-scale multiomic cardiovascular data. As opposed to conventional singular omic analysis, CardiaTec’s proprietary platform unravels relationships that span across every level of biology, from gene variation, methylation and expression, to their connection to proteomic and metabolomic functions to best understand disease development.


Driven through new found understanding of disease biology, CardiaTec is exploring Target-Drug interactions to deliver new treatments to patients faster, cheaper and with a reduced risk of failure. CardiaTec’s ultimate goal is to help reduce the global burden caused by cardiovascular diseases, which continues as the world’s leading global cause of death, claiming over 17 million lives each year.

Status Active
Website https://www.cardiatec.ai/
Category Biotech
Modality Digital
Therapautics Area
Headquaters Cambridge, UK
Investment Portfolio Fund Investment
Co-Investors Laidlaw School Ventures, Apex Ventures, University of Cambridge Enterprise, Crista Galli Ventures