Kuano is an artificial intelligence company using quantum computing to create molecular design solutions that is headquartered in London, England and was founded in 2020 by Vid Stojevic, David Wright, Parminder Ruprah, and Jarryl D’Oyley.

Kuano focuses on developing enzyme inhibitors using artificial intelligence and quantum computing simulations for pharmaceutical, crop protection, and industrial chemistry applications. Properties of enzyme inhibitors being selected for by Kuano include enzyme binding transition states, enzyme transition state selectivity, and ability to maintain enzyme function regardless of possible mutations. Kuano manipulates enzyme properties to create enzyme inhibitors with more desirable dosage levels, toxicity levels, and resistance levels to mutations.

Status Active
Website https://www.kuano.ai/
Category AI
Modality Digital
Therapautics Area
Headquaters London, UK
Investment Portfolio Fund Investment
Co-Investors Meltwind, Syndicate Room and Cambridge Angels