Oxford Drug Design is an innovative biotechnology company spun out from Professor Graham Richards’ group at the University of Oxford.The company has developed rapid, stateof-the-art virtual screening and ligand analogue searching technologies.


Building on this platform, the company is now applying machine learning techniques such as neural networks and topological data analysis to help further the drug discovery process. Utilising this technology, the company has developed a number of novel antibiotics programmes.

Designing novel antibiotics
aaRS enzymes play a key role in protein synthesis within all organisms
Histidine Kinase technology is also enabling us to tackle veterinary pathogens
Status Active
Website https://www.oxforddrugdesign.com/
Category AI
Modality Digital & Small Molecule
Therapautics Area
Headquaters Oxford, UK
Partner CARB-x, Innovate UK
Investment Portfolio Fund Investment
Co-Investors IP Group PLC, Meltwind, Business Angels