Oxford Drug Design (ODD) is an innovative company spun-out from Professor Graham Richards' group at the University of Oxford. The company has developed rapid, state-of-the-art virtual screening and ligand analogue searching technologies that utilise machine learning to help with the drug discovery process. Utilising this technology platform the company has developed novel antibiotic programmes.

ODD has been awarded three grants providing non-dilutive funding for Oxford Drug Design programmes potentially up to £6.5m. The need for new antibiotics remains as urgent as ever, as indicated in the UK government’s Antimicrobial Resistance 5-year Action Plan,, announcement on 24th January 2019. ODD has had remarkable success in raising non-dilutive finance, made excellent progress on our lead aaRS antibacterial programme while the need for new antibiotics remains strong. To enable ODD to implement these grant awards and drive towards the clinic, o2h Ventures led and supported the fund-raising effort. Sunil Shah (o2h) is a Non-Executive Director.